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De eerste 100 dagen van Daniel

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Redactie  -  donderdag 14 juli 2022

Daniel Deenik startte in februari 2022 als senior consultant binnen Team I&A. Hij blikt terug op zijn eerste 100 dagen bij Qconcepts. 

I made the decision to move back into consulting on the 24th of December 2021, now dubbed a “Christmas Miracle” by Around Albada, the man responsible for convincing me to join Qconcepts. Arnoud and I worked together on a Front Office Implementation project during my time at SimCorp. The project had tight deadlines, a strict budget and required consultants to put in long hours, and yet the process provides so much enjoyment to overcome the challenges, to get the project over the line leaves me personally with a sense of achievement and fulfillment. I started at Qconcepts as a Senior Consultant in February 2022. It was not an easy decision to leave behind my earlier role, however it was the change I needed at that time in my life and I look forward to see how my role will evolve going forward.

The drive

My personal ambition joining Q is to work more closely with the Data Miners aka the best team at Q who are working to solve client needs with Data Science. Part of my involvement will be to work with Q Consultants to create a culture of sharing knowledge using my prior experience, it is my sincerest wish to pay forward the help and support I was shown during my time at BNG and SimCorp.

First day

The day after joining I was right in the thick of the action, I walked into the client offices, and with my best attempt tried to look confident, without knowing exactly what I was in for. It did not take long to settle my nerves, Q sent a secret weapon in the form of Erwin Tak, a smooth talking very skilled partner at Qconcepts who would provide me with all the support I needed to navigate my first assignment. Erwin was able to lead and allow me to support until I had the same level of comfort about the assignment.

My assignment

I currently have been tasked with managing and coordinating the project team responsible for the implementation of the SFDR and ESG modules in SimCorp Dimension at a client. Sustainable finance being such a hot topic now means I have been able to learn from some exceptionally skilled consultants and project managers.

Why Qconcepts?

One of the biggest selling points at Qconcepts was joining consultants who are involved in similar projects, given how hot ESG and SFDR are now it really makes my role a whole lot easier when I can reach out to colleagues like Anne Boer, who is the resident ESG specialist and always has a moment to help.

Life is the sum of challenges and experiences you were willing to take, and at Qconcepts if you are willing to take up the challenge, you will be part of a team looking to solve client problems, learn and grow as a consultant and as a person.



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