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Fedwa: "I want to work for an employer that cares."

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Redactie  -  dinsdag 1 augustus 2023

Zoveel mensen, zoveel wensen. Daarom bewegen wij mee met wat onze Q'ers belangrijk vinden. Lees hier wat Fedwa zocht in een baan én vond bij Q. 

What was your most important reason to start looking for a new job? 

"Before Qconcepts, I was working freelance in Amsterdam. When I got pregnant, my employer told me not to worry. That I could still work on my assignment when I got back from my maternity leave. But after a change in management, I was told I could not come back."

What do you look for in a job?

"I worked in Paris, London and Amsterdam. In all these places there are consultancy companies that behave like sharks: They don't really care about you or the kind of assignment you're really looking for. To me, it was clear: I didn't want to work for an employer that would put me on a random assignment."

What did you find within Q that suited your needs?

"I knew Jan and Arnoud from Paris, we have worked together on a simcorp onboarding for a big insurer. At that time, I already told Arnoud that I would like to move to Amsterdam. So, we stayed in touch, and I reconnected with Arnoud when I was looking for a job. I already knew he is a good person and I trust him. I know that he tells you straight to your face whatever he thinks. And I like that.

Also, I liked the fact that Q was not a huge company when I started. Now it's getting a bit bigger. That means that whenever you need management, you can reach out to them, which is not the case in big consultancy corporations."

For Fedwa, Q is the employer that cares

"I'm an extrovert and I get my energy from people. So, what makes a good day is when we come together as a team working together on assignments we love. I work at Q since 2020 and Q would always have my back during hard times. They really care."


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