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Opportunities are there for the taking as an auditor or advisor at Qconcepts. You already have your ideal career in mind. So which function and sector is best suited for this? It is up to us to walk that route together with you and to create opportunities.

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Working as an accountant, consultant or both at the same time? Which can. In the sector that suits you best? Sure. For example in SME +, healthcare, housing corporations, non-profit, banking & investment or international. Enough choice.

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Which position best suits your skills?

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You do not pass up opportunities. Rightly so, because as a senior professional you want to continue to grow in your profession. With Qconcepts you make that wish a reality. So let's meet. Our Q'ers are happy to think along with you and just tell the whole story as it is. We are committed to helping you further.
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