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End hierarchy, high workload and thousands of corporate rules. At Qconcepts you are given all the space to do what you are good at. Work as a senior accountant or consultant when it suits you without compromising. In fact, we adapt. By saying what we do and doing what we say. This way you can completely immerse yourself in your case or job. Only then can you really make a difference. Grow with Qconcepts.

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I am a real auditor

Specialized in audits. Driven by content. Indispensable for Dutch companies. Your accuracy is well beyond the decimal point. This is how you lift companies to a higher level at Qconcepts. Within a sector that suits you: from SME + to non-profit, housing corporations and much more.tor you find interesting, and at which office you want to work.

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I am a real advisor

Take a seat at the director's table. Just by doing what you do best: giving advice about finances. Professional, goal-oriented and in the middle of the playing field. In this way you give even more depth to various ambitious plans of our customers. And you are proud of that.

Our vacancies for advisors
The moments when you are completely absorbed in something. Those are the times when you make a difference. Real attention and genuine interest in each other. This is how we work for and with our clients.
Take the initiative yourself and look beyond today and tomorrow. You get plenty of room for that at Q. In fact, we encourage that. Give shape to your development plans yourself. There are plenty of options for you.
Take the space to make decisions, choose your projects and train your talents. At Q you work in independent teams on projects that suit you. We join forces by simply staying ourselves.
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Clemens van der Werf

Just as dedicated as Q? Let's get in touch soon.

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