Our sectors

You deliver quality with a healthy dose of determination, a lot of knowledge and of course focus. We do the latter by specializing in sectors within the financial industry. So what do you feel most at home in?

Auditing or advisory

What suits you: accountancy, advisory processes or both? All positions have their own sector specialization with a specific customer portfolio. Choose what suits you best. Do you want to switch later? Which can.


Smart entrepreneurship with entrepreneurs. By thinking along and taking steps with different companies. Continue to learn as a private company specialist within the financial industry. This is how you show your determination as a senior accountant or advisor.
Healthcare v3


Great in the finance profession with a strong desire to work in the health industry. From mental health care to home care providers. They need your help. As an accountant, take care of the checks or give financial advice so that they remain "in control".

Non profit

Add something to associations, foundations, municipalities and / or provinces. What do we mean by "something"? Quality, innovation and smart ways to contribute to their finances. A social role that you dare to play. Successfully.

Housing associations

Combine advice and control work? The small housing association sector is the best place for this. Sit around the table with directors and then perform various checks. In short, you are involved in the total business operations. Responsibility that suits you.

Banking & investments

Advising on IT changes. Our banking customers count on you for these change processes. And your advice is worth its weight in gold. Wherever you apply your IT knowledge, you invest directly in your own growth.


The quality you deliver is groundbreaking. Literally, because our customers count on you. Both for customers abroad and customers with offices abroad. As a Q'er you do all this from our offices in the Netherlands or London. Do you dare?
Clemens van der Werf

Sparring with our colleague Clemens?

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