We are dedicated.

Challenging the status quo is what you can expect from our auditors. Our audit and assurance services are provided by experienced professionals with deep knowledge of the sector and your organization. We integrate ourselves within your teams and collaborate with your people, determined to help you make progress. We are dedicated.
Q = Quality

Ensuring quality is fundamental to our approach. We place significant importance on our social role and aim for you to experience that an audit has added value.

Senior professionals
Senior professionals

We believe good people make a difference. That is why we work with senior professionals: committed specialists with experience in the field.

Experts in the sector
Experts in the sector

We understand that a retailer has different questions to a healthcare organization. That's why we work with industry specialists: teams that know what's going on in your industry.

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Dedicated colleagues

Our people are experts in the sector.



6 in the Netherlands and 1 in Málaga.


Partner- and manager involvement

We do it together.

We know what's going on

Our accountants have expertise in virtually all markets and sectors. Over the years we did specialize in a number of sectors.


Private companies

Among others, we work in the retail, construction and food industry.

From retail to fintech
Luc van den Hurk-1

“Qconcepts makes accountancy easy to understand. They don't just go trough an audit, but take the organisation through it step by step. I learn a lot from it! ”

Luc van den Hurk

Owner Adezz

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