Our people are our fundation

Our senior professionals make the difference. They consciously choose a position at Qconcepts in a sector where their interest and knowledge lies. In this way, we combine professional content with job satisfaction.

800 years of experience

Do you want to know what really sets us apart? The people who are committed to your company. When we welcome a new employee, they already have at least three to five years of work experience. And a whopping 65 percent of our people have the RA title behind the name.

Freedom and fun

Working at Qconcepts gives me a lot of freedom. Freedom to organize my days how it works the best for me, freedom about the role I want to take and freedom to focus mainly on organisations that I feel good about. This allows me to provide our customers with the most added value and I enjoy my work. Being able to do this in a close-knit and fun team, and together with people with experience, is a nice bonus.
Suzan Henrich, Senior associate



Smart people ask for smart tools

Luc Versteijlen-2


At Qconcepts, I am a manager and drawing accountant in a broad SME practice. I enjoy working with clients and with my team. With a number of colleagues, I am partly responsible for specialist technology and further developing data analysis and software supported applications in control. A good example of this is the application of RobotX and bank file analyses.
Luc Versteijlen, partner Learning & Development


Dedicated colleagues

We are constantly looking for new Q'ers to strengthen our teams.



Our teams work at home, at our clients' office, at 6 offices in the Netherlands or in Málaga.


Roll up your sleeves

We are committed to provide the highest quality to our clients.

We turn the pyramid around

The administrative task that I pay the most attention to is the personal development and well-being of our people and, by extension, the growth of our organization. This is reflected in all kinds of topics such as training, culture, marketing, working conditions and organizational structure. I summarize it for myself as: I enjoy audit and growth, I contribute to the organization and its people by bringing in my knowledge and involvement and by giving substance to the inverted pyramid.
Martijn Boelhouwers, partner and shareholder

Martijn Boelhouwers-1



Let's have some coffee

Our people are happy to talk to you. Live, by phone or in a digital session. We adapt to your wishes and possibilities.
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