Our sector specializations

Non-profit organizations

We work for associations and foundations and  education institutions. For these non-profit organizations we work with specialized teams that stay abreast of applicable laws and regulations.


Civil society

Associations and foundations must comply with specific legislation and regulations, such as non-profit organizations (RJ 640), fundraising organizations (RJ 650) and the Top Income Standards Act (WNT). Our team is specialized in this sector and has up-to-date knowledge of legislation and regulations.
We have up-to-date knowledge of both non-profit organizations (RJ 640) and fundraising organizations (RJ 650). We also have plenty of experience with subsidy controls in the broadest sense. This may therefore concern local subsidy protocols, national or even European subsidies.
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Educational institutions

Decentralization, deregulation and cost savings are the order of the day. Managing an educational institution requires entrepreneurship and adequate management, and those are exactly the qualities we have in-house.

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