Our sector specializations

Housing associations

We have extensive experience as an accountant in the housing association sector, which enables us to propose pragmatic and workable solutions. Because we also have knowledge of your side of the table, we have optimized our audit approach: risk-oriented, relevant and efficient, with a specific report that is useful to you.


Anticipation as the magic word

Regulations within housing associations are constantly changing. We keep an eye on current events and, where necessary, anticipate changes immediately. We not only communicate the changes, but also how this can be applied in practice and what the impact is for your organization and the annual audit. That way you won't be faced with any surprises.

Because we are also active on the other side of the table, we are immediately working on the practical details of the changes and determining their impact.

An efficient annual audit

Together with you, we ensure an efficient annual audit. Because we limit the turnaround time of the annual accounts audit to 1 or a maximum of 2 weeks, there is much more time available during the year for the realization of your other objectives. We do this by working with a dedicated control team on the assignment.
If another office supports your organization with the preparation of the annual accounts, we can carry out the audit in close cooperation. In doing so, we avoid duplication of work as much as possible. We communicate directly and together with you, with your other service providers (tax specialists, appraisers, etc.). In this way we keep the lines short and the lead time limited.

Experience on both sides of the table

Our team of woco specialists alternates audit assignments with interim assignments. In this way we can also immerse ourselves in the sector outside the inspection season and we are always available flexibly. In principle, we do not provide advice or interim services for corporations where we conduct the audit (depending on the type of work, of course, this is possible and permitted within the ViO).
The experience with audits and the different working methods that we saw during these audits have provided insight into whether or not a corporation is 'in control'. For example, because we also provide support in processing the consequences of a new housing law, we have a great deal of substantive industry knowledge.


Housing associations

What you pay attention to grows. This also applies to our customer portfolio of wocos.


Dedicated colleagues

Our specialists consciously choose to check wocos.


Sides of the table

We also fulfill interim positions in the sector and understand your organization.

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