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Do you do business abroad or do you have international ambitions? Together with our international AGN partners, we help you further. We deliver high quality not only in our own country, but also internationally.

Globally active
with AGN

We have been a member of AGN International since 2018. Membership in AGN gives us access to global knowledge of local markets and a high degree of international experience. As a result, we provide our customers with better service and more in-depth advice with an international perspective.
We visit the annual conferences for training and advice and to gain experience and contacts in other countries. Qconcepts employees regularly go abroad to work at a colleague office via AGN. This leads to mutual commitment.




Our services

Do you work within an AGN member firm?

We have been working with accountancy firms worldwide since 2018. We can help your customers in a joint audit, with M&A services and subsidy audits.

Does your Dutch company work across the border?

We support Dutch organizations with locations worldwide through group audits. We can also get you in touch with our international network.

Are you going to do business in the Netherlands?

We help international organizations that also work in the Netherlands with audits and Mergers & Acquisition services.

We are happy to help you
Luc Versteijlen-2

"We comply with international laws and regulations and apply it for various customers worldwide."

Luc Versteijlen

Manager at Qconcepts

Our projects and clients

We partner with international accounting firms to provide clients worldwide with the best service, or work directly for international clients. A selection of our projects and clients:

  • We conduct the audit for an organization in Brazil that provides planes and helicopters;
  • We work with the auditors of a client with a shareholding in France and Canada to conduct the audit;
  • We also conduct audits for a client with a participation in Tanzania in collaboration with the foreign accountant;
  • We carried out a Due Diligence assignment from France for valuing an entity in the Netherlands.

Collaborating across the border with AGN International

AGN International is a global non-profit membership association of accounting firms.

As a member of AGN International, we can serve customers from a variety of locations worldwide. Together, more than 14,000 professionals work in 471 offices, from more than 80 member companies. Members of AGN are often among the top fifteen in the industry in their country of origin.

AGN does not provide services to its members' customers. Services are provided by members only.

More information about AGN.


countries worldwide

We work for clients in more than 30 countries worldwide.



Our international team works with great passion within their specialism.


IFRS accredited

Our accredited RAs keep up-to-date about laws and regulations.

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