Why are we dedicated?

Qconcepts began in 2010 and has grown into and organization with over a 100 involved senior professionals. Involvement, autonomy and entrepreneurship are our core values.

Our DNA: dedicated, autonomous and entrepreneurial

Every organization has a number of core values. It tells who we are and what we want to convey to our employees and customers. To determine our values, we asked all Q'ers: "What do you think is the characteristic of your closest colleague?" We are proud that involvement, autonomy and entrepreneurship were mentioned most often. We fully support it. It is our Q-DNA.

Good people make a difference

At Qconcepts, we care about our people. If they are happy, they are more productive. That’s why we enable our people to take on roles they aspire to, and we do everything we can to ensure they continue to develop and feel fulfilled in their work.
Trusting environment, guidance on development and well-being has a positive influence on job satisfaction. Capable, committed and responsible people become more dedicated to achieving their goals.

Plenty of personal attention

We think it is important to build a sustainable relationship with every customer. Personal attention for each other helps to improve cooperation, adds more value and quality to our work.
To do this, we at Qconcepts ensure our senior professionals are assigned relatively small customer portfolios to maximise exposure, backed with high partner and management involvement.
Bjorn Kamps

"There is pleasant communication and coordination with Qconcepts. We can assume that agreements will be fulfilled and that subjects will be addressed if necessary."

Bjorn Kamps

Head of Accounting Central Europe bij Arla Foods

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Love for the profession

Every person is different, but the people at Qconcepts value the importance of empathy. As a result, we know how to resolve your issues.
But above all, in addition to substantive knowledge, we have a love for the profession. We do everything we can to add trust to data, and thus contribute to a society.
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How we work

Everyone does what they do best. In this way we achieve a better result in less time.

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