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The people of Qconcepts

Senior professionals who work with determination for and with clients. By doing what they are good at: accountancy or advisory processes. And they are good at it. What is it like to work at Qconcepts? They are happy to tell you more about it.

Joke en Rien

800 years experience

All colleagues have at least 4 years of work experience in accountancy. And about 50% of all our colleagues have a title as a chartered accountant. The formula briefly explained: we have a lot of experience in-house.





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From audit to advisory

Pam Vermaat started as an accountant and is now a financial advisor
"I started working at Qconcepts because the way of working and atmosphere were exactly what I was looking for. The attitude of making a difference through real involvement suits me well. But after working as an accountant for a while, I felt the need to to be able to contribute to improvements at the customer. As an auditor I did contribute, but especially the independence is important. A big advantage of Q is that I was able to make this transition in phases, so that I could 'taste' whether the profession of financial advisor for me. It's great that I now have a different role and can continue to work at Q! "

More stories from Q'ers

Development and fun

Anne Boer is an investment management specialist
"I wanted to work on fun IT projects in the financial sector, but also on my personal development. At Qconcepts I am guided by a mentor, an experienced colleague from the profession. I also think it is important to enjoy my work and working with my colleagues. I do so at Qconcepts."

Anne Boer







Encouragement to get better

Femke Bras is a senior associate
"Qconcepts is a fast-growing organization, which creates a lot of space to take up new things. These are related to our daily work, but also beyond it. This ensures that I can also develop further outside the accountancy profession. I am very happy that Q has a culture in which everyone is encouraged to think along and make a contribution. There is always something that can be improved and every Q'er can play a role in this. "
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What do we have to offer?

It is clear that you work in a close-knit club of senior professionals. And that's not all, because our terms of employment are exactly the same as those of large accountancy firms. Curious?
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