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Grant controls

Where an annual audit costs money, a subsidy audit can yield money. Our specialists know the specific rules that you often have to deal with when applying for a subsidy. Think of publicity requirements or a check on the procurement rules.

Experience on both sides of the table

One day we carry out an audit for a small foundation, the next we do it for a multinational or a government body. We also work for subsidy provider Stimulus. For example, we see what it takes from that side to provide a subsidy, what requirements are set for submitting a project question, how regulations are created and how a subsidy provider assesses matters.

Control of subsidy justifications

Does your organization use a subsidy? In that case, it is important to take the applicable legislation and regulations into account when applying and reporting. We can help your organization with this.
  • We support our clients in accounting for subsidies. For this we check the legality, correctness, efficiency and periodicity of the stated costs and revenues, and that they have been derived from the financial administration.
  • We also zoom in on the substantive reports to see whether this corresponds with the costs stated in the report. Where necessary, we also investigate whether an organization is obliged to tender and whether the publicity requirements have been met.

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