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IT audit

The IT (EDP) professionals of Qconcepts support your company in the field of security, privacy and reliability. We provide insight into the state of affairs, expose pain points and provide you with certainty. We also provide concrete actions to achieve improvements.

The digital world
changes continuously

IT automation and digitization have become an integral part of the support and implementation of your business operations and information provision. Developments follow each other in rapid succession and the degree of automation and digitization continues to increase at a rapid pace.

This affects your business model and the way you work with your customers, employees and suppliers. This creates opportunities for implementing your internal control in a more efficient manner, but there are also constantly changing risks.

More certainty about your IT

Your IT and data increasingly determine the success of your organization, the implementation of your strategy and the realization of your ambitions. This also increases the dependence on IT and data for your organization and you have to deal with changing IT risks.

With our audits, we provide insight into the state of your IT, expose pain points and give you more certainty and concrete actions to achieve improvement.
  • Security Strategy
    Based on the ISO27001 or NEN7510 standard, we help you set up an effective security strategy.

  • Maturity Measurements
    We perform maturity measurements to map out the current and aspirational level of your information security.
  • Risks and controls
    We map out risks surrounding your applications and test, for example, the most important (automated) controls, interfaces and contracts with suppliers.
  • GDPR
    We are happy to inform you about the aspects of European privacy legislation that are relevant to your organisation.


Years of experience

Our team has plenty of experience in the IT world.

1 and 0

More than numbers

We make IT understandable and human.


Yearly growth

More and more organizations are looking for IT security.

Our IT audits

Every year we carry out the annual accounts audit for organizations and we also do that in the field of IT. We help with IT audits and data analyses, file reviews, training and on-the-job coaching of accountants and (junior) IT auditors. We deal practically with the dilemmas that you can encounter during inspections.
The special audits we perform relate to DigiD, VIPP, ISAE3402, SOC2 and Guideline 3000. We support the preparation and supervision of a certification audit or carry out the complete investigation ourselves. We also support internal audit departments.
Bjorn Kempkes

“In the event of possible planning issues or changes, we act quickly to ensure that everything is done. Qconcepts does this without compromising on quality."

Bjorn Kempkes

Manager internal audit at CCV

Data assessment

At Qconcepts, data assessment is now part of the annual audit. For example, we assess the customers bank payments through the applications used in the past year.
For example, we detect fraud, discover double payments or pay extra attention to payments to higher-risk countries. However deeply rooted the question or issue may be, together we arrive at a tailor-made solution.

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