It's all about dedication.

Especially in the financial sector.

The financial sector is facing a challenge. Despite many measures and recommendations: good professionals leave the sector, customers miss out on added value and society does not get what they want. In the past 5 years, 25% of accountancy firms gave up on auditing. Qconcepts brings a different sound. We are turning the tide with sincere dedication.

We bind hard-working accountants and financial advisors to us without them going under and turning their backs on the profession. We enrich financial services with real added value and are committed to being meaningful to society. Commitment to professionals, customers and society is what it's all about. One cannot exist without the other.

"You don't have to work 60 hours to be a good professional"

The financial sector is known for its workload. For us, commitment is not about the number of hours we work. Everyone is calling this and we are doing it. By ensuring a flat organization, high involvement of partners and managers and self-managing teams. In this way we offer plenty of room for collegiality and personal development. Our senior professionals run just as fast for customers as they do on the sports field: we go to the distance both at home and at work.

We are proud that our people are loyal to each other and to the organization. A Q'er feels part of the team and is close to his or her customers. Our customers experience that.

"By digging deeper, we can also make difficult choices together"

In our sector, a professional skepticism is of great importance. Customers expect quality: a fresh look at the figures and advice that are of use to them. Advisors and accountants deliver this by asking the right questions with knowledge of the sector, by being honest and thus seeing the bigger picture.

Our experience is that you can only really help a customer if you know him or her well. That is why we keep our finger on the pulse during the entire collaboration. This enables us to look at the facts realistically together. Because that helps our customers. We are always 100% committed and completely independent for our customers.

We believe that digging deeper pays off. With focus and experience. This way we can ask the questions that have not been asked before. And make the right choices together, even when the going gets tough.

"Deliver what can be expected of us"

Our profession exists by virtue of legislation and regulations. And while we are happy to be able to practice our profession, we also realize that our sector must commit itself to being meaningful to society. Q'ers want to contribute to this. So that society can trust that financial accounts are reliable and advice is valuable. That we enable good outcomes and that things that are not right are discussed.

We work with our professionals and customers to build trust and deliver what can be expected of us.

“Make our dedication your success too”

Qconcepts has been around for over ten years. From day one we dare to be different. We still translate this into an approach in which dedication is central. And it works. Our organic growth is proof. Qconcepts has been the winner of the FD Gazellen award for eight years in a row. We are the fastest grower of all audit firms in the Netherlands and are now in the top 20 with leading clients in the sectors: SME +, healthcare, housing corporations, non-profit and banking & investments.

More than 125 enterprising accountants and financial advisers from Qconcepts now work from five offices for more than a thousand national and international clients.

We stand for dedication. To professionals, customers and society. That's what it's all about.