Q als werkgever

Work the way you want

Determine yourself how, when and how much you work. As an accountant, consultant or both. Tell us how you envision it. We see that as our Q. We are working on it. Straight away.

Working hours that suit you

Are you an early riser? Or rather an evening person? Taking your kids to school or exercising during the day? No problem. Work when it suits you. Then you deliver excellent quality. Also good to know: you only work overtime if you want to.

Workplaces that inspire you

Working continuously at the office? At Q we approach things slightly differently. You decide where you work. At home, at the customer, at the office in Amsterdam or Arnhem. Choose the workplace that suits you and where you feel inspired.

Room for socializing

We join forces and remain focused on the results. And we like to add to that, because cosiness is indispensable at Qconcepts. From team sessions to outings and as soon as the weather is possible our annual famous ski trip. Collaborating with your Q colleagues goes beyond delivering quality.

Focus on your development

Train your talents in height, depth or breadth within accountancy. We are committed to helping you.
This is how you continue to grow at Q