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Frequently asked questions and our answer

At Qconcepts we do things differently. We work with senior professionals and put you first. We can imagine that you have questions about this. Below we list the questions that are often asked of us and our answers to them.

What makes Q really different?
The experience level is high, we work with many experienced people. 50% is RA and the average work experience is 12 years. Checks are therefore efficient and customers like to work with us. We also work with self-managing teams. As a result, you work in a close-knit and stable team that can make many decisions for itself. This makes you feel at home quickly and you have influence. Third, we have our own philosophy.

We do not have a hierarchy, everyone is equal and the partners also participate. Partners also do not have their own office, they are part of the team. As a result, we have an informal and open culture. And finally: we do what we say. No fancy talk, we live up to what we say.
What does "working the way you want" look like in practice?
This means that you indicate where your wishes and ambitions lie. This can be about where you work, in which sector you work, whether you want to travel a lot or a little, what role you want to play in a team, how many hours you work and whether you take on extra tasks or not. But it is also about ambition. Do you want to stay in your current position or be a partner within 5 years? Then we will make something beautiful out of it!
What does your busy season look like? And is there a lot of overtime?
Of course we also work hard. The big difference is that our people can choose how much they work. Working the way you want is our credo. This means that you decide how much, when and where you work. And what also makes a huge difference, we assume a realistic planning that is done by the team itself. This ensures that there is control over the hours and that there is sufficient room for study and family (or other things that you find important). In practice, an average of 41 hours a week is worked.
What is meant by senior professional model and how does the model work?
This means that our structure differs from a standard office. We have few starters and mainly experienced people. As a result, customers have contact with people who know what they are talking about. This increases the quality of the control and cooperation. Customers see us as a critical friend. On the one hand we take our role and we have something to say, on the other hand we are involved and we think along with the customer.
Do less experienced people fit into the senior professional model or do they (only) get the executive work?
Young professionals (people who learn the trade) fit perfectly into our model. Why? There is a lot of knowledge and willingness to guide others. We also think it is important to work as a team. We all take on part of the implementation, including the partners. We do it together, it is teamwork.

And what is also important, we cherish your own wish. This gives you plenty of space to indicate what you want to pick up. And so you can pick up new things under expert guidance and see all aspects of an audit. This ensures a strong learning curve and great involvement. “I have become a better accountant at Q”, is a frequently heard statement with us.
As a senior professional, do you just have to be in the file?
Of course you are more in the file if you have fewer assistants. We see that as a plus. As a manager or partner, you are thus exactly aware of what is going on in a file and you can immediately address your findings. This improves the quality and the team spirit. We also work in a smart way. We look carefully at what we do ourselves and what we leave to the customer. And we use modern tools, such as robotizing test work.
What does Q mean by working smart?
RobotX is a good example that Qconcepts is a modern office. We believe in the power of data analysis and the automation of manual work. Within Q, this has been given the appropriate name: RobotX. What does it mean? All bookings and master data are linked to each other and it is automatically checked whether there is a connection. In this way, the audit gets much more depth and the work for the audit professional becomes even more enjoyable.

Instead of connecting the financial administration, you can immediately look at the exceptions, make your analyzes and discuss this with the customer. And because the information is accessible via a dashboard, the data can be easily accessed and you can easily include the customer in the analysis. This provides a lot of added value for both parties in a control process.
What about my guidance?
Everyone gets a mentor with us. Together you work on your development and that you feel good about yourself. With your mentor you make your annual plan and you agree what you want to work with. You also work in a team, they are also involved and give you feedback.

The person responsible for an inspection is called a job coach. The job coach provides guidance during the execution of an assignment and together you reflect on your efforts during an audit. For example, there are several perspectives to ensure that you go through the development that you want.
How can I develop with you?
With Q this can be done in various ways. You will receive guidance from your mentor, the job coach and the team (training on the job). You are given the freedom to indicate within the team what you want to tackle. We work from your own ambition, because we focus on people.

You learn through expert guidance, by working with new things within an audit, by taking on extra tasks, following training from our own training program and working outside of audit, for example by doing interim assignments. . Everything is possible, nothing is necessary, it again starts from your own wish.
What does your training program look like?
The program is compiled based on the learning needs. For RAs this starts with the PE portfolio, for the other Q'ers it starts with their annual plan. Based on this, we offer a wide range of professional matters and interpersonal skills. Knowledge is important, so it must be well organized. However, the difference in collaboration is made by enthusiasm and the ability to connect with the other. That is why we attach great value to developing interpersonal skills.

The learning offer ranges from technical consultation to peer review and consultations. From training on the job to workshops on leadership and collaboration. From e-learning to master classes on commercial skills and communication. In this way we ensure that there is a suitable program for everyone.

How does Q deal with study?
We offer everyone the opportunity to attend lectures. Half is own time and half is Q's time. We call that the 50/50 rule. If there is a student debt from your employer, we will take it over. In addition, we adapt the planning to your study needs. We also have 10 practical supervisors and an enormous amount of experience in-house. In this way we ensure together that you can pass your studies.
In which sectors does Q work and who are your customers?
We work in multiple branches and profile ourselves as a sector specialist. We work for medium and large SMEs. This varies from retail, fashion, food, agriculture, services, production to trade. We also work in healthcare (especially healthcare institutions) and housing corporations (organizations with less than 5000 units). The third leg is non-profit, which is a collection of associations, foundations and municipalities. For enthusiasts, we also work for several professional football organizations.

We do not have a PIE license and do not aspire to do so, so you will not see the corporates and financials with us within the audit practice.

I am considering leaving audit (to business or self-employed). Then why do I still have to talk to Q?
Q wants to keep as many people as possible for the profession and show that working in audit and financial advice can be fun and inspiring. So if you still enjoy auditing but especially have difficulty with the environment or the conditions under which the profession must be performed, please contact us. We want to show you that things can be done differently. We do this by working with many experienced people, by putting you first and by letting you work how you want.

And by giving you plenty of opportunities for development. For example, we offer audit professionals the opportunity to combine audit with interim or even make the complete switch to financial advice at any time. And if you still have doubts about your career choice, talk to Clemens van der Werf. He is our expert in learning, development and career. Clemens is happy to talk to you.
Who can I contact if I want to know more?
We would like to introduce you to the people from the team. The team members can best tell how they experience working at Q and what it really is like. On the Contact page you will find the names and contact details of several team members. If you would like to know more about learning, development, events, workshops and terms of employment, please contact Clemens van der Werf. You can also find his details on the contact page.
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Work the way you want

Our professionals love freedom, they want to decide for themselves how, when and how much they work. And whether they want to do interim assignments in addition to audit work. Fun and balance are just as important to us as performance.
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