Our approach

Let's be fair, delivering quality is hard work. At Q we combine determination with freedom. Leave out thousands of corporate rules and end hierarchy. Work at times that suit you and just call everyone by their first name. That is working at Qconcepts.

Professional with room for growth

Our Q stands for Quality. As a senior accountant or financial advisor you always deliver that. Simply because you are really good at auditing and / or consultancy work. And of course there is something in return. How about working in self-managing teams at clients where you fit 100%? Or wear more comfortable clothing than a three-piece suit during office hours? You get it: you get a lot of responsibility and a lot of freedom.

Cooperation is strengthening each other

Do you know the pyramid model within the financial sector? You can forget that right away. We do things differently at Q. Do you work for a client? Then we do that together. Both with our colleagues as partners and managers. In this way we inspire each other to always deliver the best quality.

Specialized in sectors

Continue to challenge yourself by specializing in a sector. From SME+ to healthcare and from housing corporations to non-profit. You can also choose between banking & investment or international assignments. Enough choice! And would you like to take a look within another sector? That is also possible.

Audit and assurance, or financial advisory

Grow as an auditor by sitting on the other side of the table. Besides the customer to be precise. At Q you get the opportunity to switch partially or completely between auditing and advice. A golden combination between strategic and operational work. Do you dare?


dedicated colleagues

Together we make a difference.



Digital or on location. You can do both.


partner- and manager involvement

We do it together.

Meet our team

Curious who your future colleagues are? They are happy to introduce themselves to you!
These are our Q'ers