Q als werkgever

Your development

Working in an inspiring environment with plenty of room to grow in your profession. Tell your career wishes and realize them together with the senior professionals of Qconcepts. With attention and sincere involvement. Train your talents in height, depth or width. We are dedicated to you.

Growing further professionally

Sharing knowledge. Through intervisions, consultations, technical consultations and our annual summer school. For and with professionals from the field and of course your direct colleagues. Continue to grow in your profession by exploring the field even more. As a senior accountant or financial advisor, there is always something new to learn.

Attention to personal development

Professional knowledge is indispensable for quality. At Q we make a difference by continuing to grow on a personal level. Think of workshops, master classes, e-learning and training on the job. You will have a mentor and job coach at your disposal. You can also work with interim assignments in addition to audit and finance. Custom development? Absolutely.

Growth opportunities

Choose the role that suits you. Is that as an auditor or as a financial advisor? Or both! We think along with you. Do you aspire to become a partner or to make a switch to another sector? We make that possible. Do you deliver quality? Then we create opportunities. This is how we help you further within the financial industry.



Which position suits you?

Determined to work at Qconcepts? Logical, because you should not miss such an opportunity.
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