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Who we are

We are Qconcepts. Founded in 2010 and has grown into an organization with more than 125 colleagues. All of them senior professionals who decide for themselves which assignment they take on. In accountancy or financial advice and sometimes at the same time. That's how we do things just a little bit differently at Q. The result? 5 offices, several sector specializations and countless satisfied customers. Do you grow with us?
Qconcepts accountancy - Clara-1

Professionals of Qconcepts

Where the Q stands for quality or quality, our colleagues make Qconcepts extra special. Our professionals who know exactly how accountancy and finance work. We join forces and focus on personal and substantive development. Dedicated to you.

Involved, autonomous and enterpreneurial

That is the Q-DNA. These 3 keywords describe our way of working (together). At Qconcepts we deliver more than reports that are correct from A to Z. We create opportunities by training your talents. In height, depth or width. By paying attention to which assignments suit you best and by giving you the space to do so.


dedicated colleagues

Together we make the difference.


women in our teams

Delivering the best results with our mixed teams.


average age

Our senior professionals are at the heart of life and are talented.


years of work experience (average)

At Qconcepts we work for and with senior professionals.


partner- and manager involvement

We do it together.


professionals with an RA title

Our people are good at their job.

Work the way you want

We are happy to exceed customer expectations and in our own way. Of course you also have your own ideas about that. At Qconcepts you, like a true senior professional, take the role that suits you. As an accountant with an emphasis on audits, financial advisor or both. Only when you get stuck in a case or job, you really make a difference. That gives you energy.

At Qconcepts everyone is encouraged "to think along and make a contribution."

Femke Bras

Senior associate at Qconcepts

Meet the team

Our approach

Taking care of each other, our customers and society. How? By doing what you are good at and by being given all the space for it. Be inspired with our method.
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