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Banking & investments

Getting a grip on changes is only possible when people share knowledge with you and advise you in a targeted manner. We advise on changes with a strong IT character. We do this from the Netherlands and London.


Experts with knowledge,
passion and years of experience

We are passionate about finding solutions to the most daunting problems investment management industry faces from client, regulatory and technological demands.

We are one of the fastest growing names in the industry, already recognized as experts in the field having managed global implementations with some of the biggest asset managers around.

With backing of over ten years of experience, seasoned professionals and a global list of clients, we can manage change in your business with dedication, collaboration and commitment.

Business solutions

When you are considering introducing a new system into your organization, you need careful planning and guidance on the implementation and onboarding of all your users.

We are experts in technology and business change management within complex organizations, as well as systems selection and risk management.
In addition, we have extensive experience of reporting solutions covering client, regulatory and management needs.

Our consultants deliver these solutions in partnership with you, and focus on knowledge transfer to ensure long term sustainability is anchored within your organization.

Professional support

If you have chosen the most suitable IT package or system, you can use some extra support from a professional for a period of time. Our professionals also fulfill interim positions in the corporate world and can take place among the employees of your company on the work floor.
Choose the combination between Business Solutions and Professionals Services: we advise your organization on the most suitable package and work in part in a department to guide the implementation process.

Business information planning

The question of whether an organization is future-proof is on top of every business leader and entrepreneur’s mind.

We translate your policies into a business and information architecture. We do this by clearly formulating your strategies in market approach, products/services, distribution channels, business processes, information systems and ICT infrastructure
The new architecture demonstrates the current situation compared to the desired one. We remove obstacles, solve issues, pinpoint bottlenecks and opportunities, and translate them into a migration plan.

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