Anne zitje

Our people make the difference

Our advisors consciously choose to work at Qconcepts and choose a position in a sector where their interest lies and they want to develop. Our professionals combine craftsmanship with trust and responsibility and therefore contribute directly to the success of our customers.
Anne zitje

A great empathy

Our employees are encouraged to be responsible and think for themselves. This allows them to come up with surprising insights and solutions with which we help your company in the short and long term. All our advisers have a great sense of empathy, so that they can put themselves in the shoes of the client's issues.




Anne Boer


Personal development and fun

Anne Boer is an investment management specialist:
"I wanted to work on fun IT projects in the financial sector, but also on my personal development. At Qconcepts I am guided by a mentor, an experienced colleague from the profession. I also think it is important to enjoy my work and with colleagues. That works well at Q: we work with a mix of colleagues, men and women (unique in finance / IT). In addition, we have drinks and parties and we all go skiing every year."

Learn to work like a Q'er

Arnoud Albada is partner at Qconcepts
"Within Qconcepts we pay a lot of attention to the selection and development of the team. Many of the new SME advisors come from the traditional accounting practice and have to master the new way of working. We are proud that we have a team with people who have the ability and will to grow, interpersonal skills and the drive to make a difference for entrepreneurs."




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Pam Vermaat-1

From audit to advisory

Pam Vermaat started as auditor at Qconcepts and is now an advisor:
"I started working at Qconcepts because the way of working and atmosphere were exactly what I was looking for. The attitude of making a difference through real involvement suits me well. But after working as an accountant for a while, I felt the need to to be able to contribute to improvements at the customer. A big advantage of Q is that I was able to make this transition in phases, so that I could 'taste' whether the profession of financial advisor was something for me. Really great that I now have a different role and at Q can continue to work!"

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