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Why are we so dedicated?

Qconcepts started in 2010 and has grown into an office with strong sector specializations. Within these sectors we are continuously expanding our teams with good people. Involvement, autonomy and entrepreneurship are central.
Voorkeur - Q-concepts_Anne_2051

Good people make the difference

At Qconcepts we care about our people. When our people feel good, they can do a good job. That is why everyone can take the role they aspire to with us. We help them to continue to develop and to feel good at their work.
Working from trust and steering towards development and well-being influence the way in which someone works. Capable, committed and responsible people do their utmost to achieve goals.

Plenty of personal attention

We believe it is important to build a lasting relationship with every customer. Personal attention for each other helps to improve cooperation and to add more value and quality to our work.
Henk Jansen

"The professional and sector knowledge and the way of working makes it possible to switch quickly and contribute to the professional development of our people. This way the knife cuts both ways!"

Paul Sebregts

Director at Woningstichting St. Joseph

Love for the profession

Every person is different, but the people at Qconcepts all have a strong empathy. This allows us to understand your issues well.
But above all, in addition to substantive knowledge, we love the profession. We are the enterprising sparring partner that helps you achieve your organizational goals.

This is how we work

Everyone does what they do best. In this way we achieve a better result, faster.
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