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Plenty of sector knowledge

You can contact us with all your financial questions. Our senior professionals have plenty of experience in various sectors.

Voorkeur - Q-concepts_Anne_2051

Knowing what's going on

Our customer portfolio consists of (inter) national organizations, varying in size, industry and complexity. Our specialists have expertise in almost all markets and sectors. In addition to being experts in their field, they know what is going on in your industry. This means that they can proactively advise and support you.

Specialists across industries

Our advisors have expertise from almost all markets and sectors. In addition, over the years we have specialized in a number of sectors.


Banking & investments

We advise you on changes with a strong IT character. This way you get a grip on the situation and you keep it.

Healthcare v3


We know the diversity of working methods and therefore have a good insight into what does and does not lead to the 'control' of an institution.


Housing corporations

The laws and regulations in this sector change regularly. We come up with substantiative knowledge and pragmatic, workable solutions


Domestic administration

We advise municipalities by translating developments and insights within the public sector into targeted advice.



We provice practical tips and insights that help with business operations. In this way, we help your organization further in short and long term.


Let's get in touch

Our people are happy to get in touch. Live, by phone or in a digital session. We adapt to your wishes and possibilities
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