IUCM 2021 goes virtual

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Redactie  -  vrijdag 30 april 2021

Earlier this week, Q-Concepts attended the yearly IUCM conference: the biggest investment management conference worldwide.This year’s IUCM, like so many events around the world, was viewed through a virtual lense. Beyond the impressive virtual world created by SimCorp was heavy emphasis on the company’s core strategy over the next few years, shifting to SimCorp as a service model, by focusing on three key streams:

  • Business processes as service (BpaS) by building custodian partnerships to offer clients front, middle and back office services
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) by embarking on a cloud journey to move key SimCorp Dimension functionalities online
  • Connected ecosystems to create cloud based open platforms where vendors, custodians and clients can integrate
Our experiences with the digital conference

It was revealing that of the three core streams, connected ecosystems was considered by clients as potentially having the biggest impact on their business, closely followed by software as a service model. Additionally, in keeping with the current trend, SimCorp are expanding their research into responsible investing with developments in the ESG space.

Under the circumstances, SimCorp did very well to make this year’s IUCM as interactive and informative as possible.

We will certainly digest what we have learned to see how we can best serve our clients with the latest developments from SimCorp and what we can do to help them get the most out of the market trends discussed.

However, we at Q-Concepts prefer traditions when it comes to certain things. We missed the buzz of a physical conference. Where face to face meetings mean so much more than a good presentation, free flow of conversations encouraging creativity and collaboration are ever-present and connections on a personal level replace LinkedIn invites. We can’t wait to be on the shop floor in Nice.

What did we do at IUCM?

To engage with our clients and partners alike, we prepared a series of presentations showcasing our unique approach to consultancy with real life case studies demonstrating our expertise and capabilities:

Our approach:

Our unique approach to solving client problems in an ever changing industry driven by client, technological and regulatory demands. With backing of over ten years of experience, seasoned professionals and a global list of clients, we can integrate SimCorp Dimension into your business with dedication, collaboration and commitment. Download the paper.

Client agnostic approach:

Set up of SimCorp Dimension to service and onboard multiple clients on same instance of SimCorp Dimension for a global asset service provider. Led by functional attributes to create a core model that focuses on smoother onboarding of new clients. Download the paper.

Front to backoffice rollout

Transforming a global asset manager with a fully integrated front to back office roll out of SimCorp Dimension. A truly cross asset and cross functional implementation at our client and it’s service provider, enabling a faster time to market of new products and services. Download the paper.

Front office SAAS

Conducting a strategy study for front office software as a service (SaaS) and implementing the intended solution at a global asset service provider. Outlining the benefits of SaaS and analysis of the considerations for a client before moving to this model. Download the paper.

What can our investment management specialists do for your company?

We help transform your business as the technology and the industry around you evolves. We are your dedicated investment management consultancy. Our core expertise is Investment management technology, Reporting and business intelligence, Data management strategies and Operational risk.

Interested to know more?

Please contact the colleagues below:

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