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Investment management specialist

If you have an asset to manage, you want to know how certain changes in the business will affect it. Translating those changes to information technology needs is quite complex, but also fascinating and specialized. Not everyone is cut out for it. That is why we are looking for an investment management specialist who can help financial institutions with optimizing their investment management systems. As a member of a project team, you are the director of changes at various clients. A challenging job for a real bridge builder: someone who can facilitate changes in the business with information technology solutions. So you!

Do you have the ability to map changes?
You are part of the self-managing Banking & Investment team: 10 enthusiastic professionals with diverse backgrounds. Quite an international group too. What you have in common is the enthusiasm with which you work for clients in the financial sector: large financial institutions and asset managers. For example, you translate the client's plans into SimCorp Dimension functionalities, a specialist system for investment processes. Are you running into issues? Then it is good to know that you are never alone. There is always a backup from your colleagues in the team. Sometimes you even work together on a job for the same client. Do you want to continue? Then you will certainly have the opportunity to do so. For example, a project abroad is definitely an option. We also do everything we can to stimulate your personal growth and development. To do this, you will get a senior mentor, tried and tested in this sport, to help your growth with us.
Nice to meet you, we are Qconcepts

Founded in 2010 and grown into an organization with more than 125 colleagues. Each and every one is a senior professional who decide for themselves which assignment they will take on. In accountancy or financial advice, and sometimes at the same time. That's how we do things a little differently at Q. The result? 5 offices, 7 sector specializations and countless satisfied customers.

Committed, autonomous and enterprising, that is the Q-DNA. These 3 keywords describe our way of working (together). At Qconcepts, we provide more than just advice that helps the customer move forward. We create opportunities by training your talents. In height, depth or width. By carefully looking at which assignments suit you best and by giving you the space to do so.

Quality is our top priority, but the people who have to deliver this quality are central. With us you get all the space you need to work the way you want. Because if you're comfortable in your own skin, we'll be fine too. If you take the role that suits you best, quality and exceeding expectations will follow naturally.

You will work in one of our self-managing teams. Each team has its own specialism. Think of SMEs, healthcare, non-profit, housing corporations and of course banking & investments. Where you ultimately end up is largely up to you. Based on your experience, knowledge and personal preference. Within the team we treat each other in a respectful way. We do not know hierarchical relationships, we approach each other on an equal footing. The familial character of our teams is very special. You act like you're at home and you can be who you are.

The luggage you bring

Although it is a specialist position, your background does not have to be that specialist. We find it much more important that you have a genuine interest in the world of asset management. And that you want to understand how the associated databases and IT systems work. A highly developed analytical ability will help you with this. We also like that you take the initiative yourself. Because you are part of a project team at the customer, it is important that you can work well together. We also expect from you:

  • at least a HBO work and thinking level.
  • at least 4 years of experience in consultancy and/or project management.
  • familiarity with SimCorp Dimension, Charles River or other relevant investment management system.
  • knowledge of the investment management cycle.
  • a professionally critical, analytical and entrepreneurial attitude.
You can count on this

We would like to bind you to us full-time. A 36-hour working week is then our starting point at the negotiating table. Do you want to work more or less? Then we can definitely talk about that. Of course, there is also an extensive package of employment conditions. You can count on us for:

  • a salary appropriate to your position and responsibilities.
  • a bonus scheme depending on your performance and performance.
  • a Q car.
  • 27 vacation days per year.
  • sufficient (internal) training opportunities to further develop yourself.
  • a time-for-time arrangement.
  • a pension scheme.
  • a company laptop and telephone.
  • flexible working hours and the possibility to work at home
Take your role at Qconcepts
Do you see yourself working in this bridging position between business and IT? Then send in your motivation.
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Do you want more information first? Then pick up the phone and call Anne Boer, investment management specialist at Qconcepts, on 06 - 53 95 39 72.

Do we see a match? Then we meet at 1 of our branches. During our introduction you will talk to 4 people from the team, divided over 2 rounds of discussion. You decide with which team members you speak. Do we have a click? Then we would like to toast to a successful collaboration during the employment conditions meeting.
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