Qconcepts presents new brand: it's all about dedication

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Qconcepts  -  Monday 17 May 2021

Accountancy and consultancy firm Qconcepts presents its new brand. The rebranding was a logical step for the organization, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. In those years, Qconcepts adopted an approach of dedication to professionals, customers and society. This message is recorded in the new motto: "Dedicated accountants and financial advisors". The name of the organization, based on the Q for Quality, will remain the same.

Ten years after the founding of the accountancy and consultancy firm, it was time for a makeover. Cor Pijnenburg, co-founder and partner of Qconcepts: “In 2010 we started a new office with three accountants. We had one goal: we were going to do things differently from other offices. More transparency, better communication, more informal contact, more seniority and more focus on the well-being of professionals. All this from our pursuit of quality. We have now grown into an organization with more than 125 senior professionals, 5 offices and more than 1000 clients in various sector specializations in both financial advice and accountancy. We are proud of the growth we have achieved in these years. ”


The anniversary was used to shape the Qconcepts brand for the coming years together with all the professionals. Pijnenburg: “Our people are autonomous, enterprising and involved. They proudly feel part of Qconcepts. That is why it was a natural choice to involve our team in the strategy for the coming years. In many conversations and brainstorming sessions, we investigated what really makes a Q'er a Q'er. Together we arrived at the core: we love the profession. We want to deliver high quality and build good relationships with our network. And we do that together, as a team. This attitude can be summarized in the term dedication. We Q'ers are dedicated. ”

For us, dedication means great commitment to our people, our customers and the profession. Our customers can count on experienced and committed professionals. Our people can count on them to be the focus and to be able to work as they wish. We contribute to the profession by actively sharing knowledge and insights, and by retaining people for the profession.

Clarity per target group

Within the renewed Qconcepts, it has been decided to split the target groups into labor market, accountancy and advice. This is reflected in the communication in three house styles and three websites. Pijnenburg: “We split our services to provide clarity to our environment: all our professionals are dedicated. But there is a clear distinction between our services for accountancy and advice. ”

Focus on people and customers

Pijnenburg: “In our new brand we make explicitly visible what applies to us internally from the very beginning of our firm: our customers and our professionals are central. They are the ones who make Qconcepts what it is. We believe it is important that our people work in a way that suits them, continue to develop and that they maintain a good work-life balance. You don't have to work 60 hours to be a good professional. This approach is good for our people and good for our customers. As a result, our customers work together with stable teams full of committed and experienced professionals. ”


A national campaign will start on 18 May to draw attention to the renewed Qconcepts. Pijnenburg: “The financial sector is facing a challenge. Over the past five years, we have seen no less than 25% of accountancy firms give up statutory audits, and we see more and more good professionals leaving the profession due to work pressure and dissatisfaction. We are convinced that this can be done differently and that our approach works for that. ”

In the campaign, Qconcepts describes what "dedication" means and how this can help our sector further. Be inspired by this approach. Read Qconcepts' vision here.

About Qconcepts

Qconcepts has been around for over ten years. From day one we dared to be different. We still translate this into an approach in which dedication is central. And it works. Our organic growth is proof. Qconcepts has been the winner of the FD Gazellen award for eight years in a row. We are the fastest grower of all audit firms in the Netherlands and are now in the top 20 with leading clients in the sectors: SME+, healthcare, housing corporations, non-profit and banking & investments.

More than 125 enterprising accountants and financial advisers from Qconcepts now work from five offices for more than a thousand national and international clients.

We stand for dedication. To professionals, customers and society. That's what it's all about.

Want to know more?

For more information about Qconcepts, please contact Cor Pijnenburg (co-founder and partner) via / +31 6 14373448, or Anouk de Bresser (communication advisor) via / +31 6 57708917.

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At Qconcepts we find it important to share our knowledge. That is why our Q'ers regularly write a blog about the sector in which they operate or current laws and regulations.

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